Chefchaouen: The Blue City

After Jalil picked us up from Tangier, we headed for a lovely drive along the Mediterranean coast. I had imagined Morocco as a dry desert but as it turns out, the northern half of the country is incredibly green and lush. Our destination for that day was Chefchaouen, a city known for its blue buildings.

Tangier to Chefchaouen route along the sea

Day 1 in Morocco: Tangier to Chefchaouen route along the sea

We arrived in the afternoon and headed straight for our accommodations at the quaint Casa Perleta. Our room was small but the B&B was nice compared to other options in town.  We walked around the town and were mesmerized by its beautiful colors.

Blue Alleys

Blue Alleys


Very pretty

Very pretty

The women are in charge of the painting there and they must do it every couple of years to maintain the rich blue hue. First, they buy powdered paint from the “paint store.” Then, they mix it with used cooking oil to form a liquid and apply it to the walls. It’s not quite as precise as the colors you can get at The Home Depot but it seems to work for them.

The Paint Department

The Paint Department

The small city felt very relaxed. We ended up sitting at a cafe for four hours, just sipping mint tea and people watching. Surprisingly, I was able to sit that long without getting antsy.

There were lots of little souvenir shops in the medina but Jalil warned us about price gouging at those places. To be safe, we went to the Ensemble Artisanal, a government sponsored handicraft workshop/store that can be found in most tourist cities for fair prices and good quality work. There, Henry bought a djellaba, which he loves and wore almost everyday in Morocco.

Looking back at the city

Looking back at the city wearing his djellaba


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