NOLA Mardi Gras

New Orleans was one of the first places Henry and I traveled to together and we fell in love with the City. There’s something about the people, the food, the culture, and the atmosphere that feels so welcoming and intriguing. Our criteria for travel destinations are: 1) great food, 2) inexpensive, 3) unpretentious, 4) interesting thing to see and explore. New Orleans definitely fulfilled all of our requirements.

Attempt at a biking tour. We had to head back due to the rain.

Attempt at a biking tour. We had to head back due to the rain.

Our first trip in June 2012 (June!! What were were thinking) was 4 days long and consisted of many activities including:

1) Visit to Global Wildlife Center (an incredible safari type experience)

2) Delicious Biking Food Tour with Confederacy of Cruisers

3) Airboat Swamp Tour to check out gators

4) Visit to Old NOLA Rum Distillery, where they make delicious Gingeroo

5) Toured Laura Plantation

6) Romantic Gondola Ride in City Park

We decided to visit NOLA again and this time we visited the first weekend of Mardi Gras. It’s not as crazy and crowded as the second weekend, but there’s no shortage of parades, beads and booze.  This trip luckily cost us very little thanks to our Southwest points and Companion Pass ($2.50/person in taxes to NOLA), American Airlines miles ($2.50/person in taxes from NOLA), and Club Carlson points ($0 for 2 nights at Country Inn & Suites).

We ate lots of food and revisited some of our old favorites: Lil Dizzy’s Cafe for the BEST fried chicken and mouthwatering bread pudding, Cafe Du Monde for beignets, and Cajun Seafood for crayfish and crab. I know everyone associates NOLA with drinking but we actually did very little of that.

We did attend a few parades and collected a ton of beads, which we brought home. We certainly have enough beads for our own Mardi Gras party.

One of many floats

One of many floats

Night parade float

Night parade float

The King and Queen of something

The King and Queen of something

Mini horses are adorable

Mini horses are adorable


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