2013 Travel Recap

Happy New Year!

2013 has been an exciting year of travel. As I began to fully embrace the miles and points game, my travel strategies have changed somewhat. The first huge travel award I earned was the Southwest companion pass which allows my companion (Henry) to travel for free on Southwest for almost 2 years. Armed with this awesome gift, we visited domestic locations that we probably would’ve put on the back burner for years.

2013 was also a life-changing year due to the arrival of our amazing puppy, Benjamin. We stayed local for the first 4 months of the year as Benjamin was getting accustomed to his life with us. As it turned out, Benjamin is a wonderful travel companion and has been on numerous flights with us.

Although I’ve been terrible at keeping up this blog, I am hoping to catch up on late travel reports by the end of this month and will try to stay on top of new ones. Here’s a 2013 recap of my travels:

January: Washington DC

May: Chicago (Benji’s first airplane trip)

June: Portland

July: Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver (Benji’s first international trip: See recap here)

August: Vail

September: Montreal & Quebec City

September: North Korea & Shanghai, China

October: Camping in Big Sur

October: San Antonio & Austin

November: Philadelphia

December: Palm Springs quick getaway


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