Goodbye Vietnam

It was been a long, rewarding and exhausting trip and at this point, we are kind of happy to go home. On our last evening in Saigon (after returning from Can Tho), we got a massage and dinner, both at places recommended online.  Massage Salon 137 (at 137 Ham Nghi) was excellent and only cost us 250,000 VND ($12) + 100,000 VND ($5) each for 90 minute foot and body massages.

After the relaxing massages, we took a long taxi ride to a banh xeo stand in District 10 that was recommended on the Gastronomy Blog.  Henry’s mom makes banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes) at home often but these were completely different. They were smaller, crunchier, delicious and more oily.  We’ve been charged foreigner prices so many times during this trip that we we’ve devised a method for our own protection. We have learned to sit back and observe how much everyone else is paying before we even ask for the check.  We ate 2 plates of banh xeo (each plate had 5 small banh xeo), an order of bo la lot and a soda and total damage was just 110,000 VND (~$5 USD).  We were ecstatic and satisfied with the perfect last evening in Vietnam.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo being made

Banh Xeo

One order of banh xeo came with 5 pieces of these delicious crunchy treats.


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