Being a tourist in Shanghai

After consuming enough food for a whole day in breakfast alone, we decided to walk it off by taking a stroll from the apartment west of People’s Park to the Bund via the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street.

Shanghai is an interesting city with strong Western influences as parts of Shanghai were carved into the French, British and American concessions during the 19th and early 20th Centuries.  You can see beautiful examples of European architecture along the Bund.  The Huangpu River divides Shanghai into two main areas Puxi (directly translated as West of the Huangpu River) and Pudong (East of the Huangpu River). Up until very recently, Shanghai referred to Puxi.  But today, the modern skyscrapers and the international airport are located in Pudong.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street

The Bund

The Bund


View of Pudong from The Bund

View of Pudong from The Bund

In the afternoon, we decided to check out Tianzifang, a quirky maze of narrow lanes converted into arts & crafts businesses and restaurants & cafes. It’s often compared to Xintiandi but if you’re only going to have time to visit one of these areas in Shanghai, then Tianzifang is hands down the better choice.  Its narrow lanes and Shikumen buildings seem less “developed” and more true to the area.

Grandma and me at Tianzifang

Grandma and me at one of the many alleys of Tianzifang

Lane in Tianzifang

One of the many lanes in Tianzifang




Yes, all of the restaurants and cafes are overpriced but we decided to pay the premium to get the best seat in the house at the Teddy Bear Family Cafe.  They have an afternoon coffee set for 68 yuan (~$11)  so the three of us shared the one set.

View from Private Balcony of Teddy Bear Family Cafe

View from Balcony of Teddy Bear Family Cafe. It was perfect for people watching.

Overpriced Coffee Set

This is what you get for ~$11: a cappuccino and a piece of chocolate mousse cake.


Panorama of private balcony area

Panorama of private balcony area

Since Beijing is not a part of this Asia trip, we had to settle for Beijing Duck in Shanghai.  I’ve eaten at the Shanghai Quanjude many times but we wanted to try something new and went to Lao Beijing Qianmen KaoYa Dian instead.  It was better than what we have in the US but not as good as DaDong in Beijing.

The Duck Master

The Duck Master slicing our 198 yuan duck.


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